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The Terahertz store offers revolutionary Terahertz technology that enables imaging and sensing applications never achieved with other imaging technologies. The manufacturer "TeTechS Inc." is a leading innovator of advanced terahertz technology solutions committed to developing terahertz sensor and imaging systems for industrial and scientific applications. TeTechS Inc. draws on the distinctive characteristics of leading-edge terahertz technology to develop unique non-destructive and non-invasive sensing and imaging solutions. Our systems can see features of interest behind enclosures or inside packages, which are invisible to other imaging modalities. The systems can identify materials in mixtures and composites by resolving their unique terahertz spectral signatures. The Customers' problems can be solved in ways that cannot be addressed by other imaging modalities such as X-Ray and infrared imaging. The company's vision is to become a major terahertz technology solutions provider to the industries worldwide through developing innovative terahertz imaging and sensing system solutions.

What We Offer:

Terahertz sensors - used to generate and detect electromagnetic waves at the terahertz frequencies for imaging, spectroscopy, and sensing applications. The chips are made on ultra-fast and high resistive InGaAs and LT-GaAs semiconductor material systems and are packaged inside patent pending enclosure designs, making the chips superior in performance and easy to use. These T-Era photoconductive antenna chips achieve new levels of low noise performance among terahertz sources and detectors, to achieve superior system dynamic range and discrimination. T-Era chips allow researchers and technologists to build their own terahertz spectrometer and terahertz imaging systems with superior performance and revisit their scientific and technological problems under the light of terahertz waves.

Terahertz spectrometers - The Rigel 1550 series terahertz spectrometer is a portable, modular, compact, and reconfigurable terahertz time-domain spectrometer system, capable of testing solid, powder, thin film, gas, and liquid samples for material sensing and characterization applications. The fiber coupled movable transmitter and receiver heads can be mounted around the object/sample/process under test, for the cases where bringing the object/sample/process under test inside the spectrometer housing is not feasible. Rigel includes a built-in low noise amplifier, lock-in amplifier, and power supplies packaged up inside an industrial control panel cabinet.

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TerahertzStore.com has prioritized customer satisfaction and assures the very best shopping experience. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals that are readily available during business hours (8am-5pm Central Time) to answer any inquiry. If you need more information or have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Section.

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